Classic style house shoe with touch fastening strap, in a clever soft stretch material which moulds to the foot.
This style opens up for easy access and gives greater adjustment
The elasticated design of this style expands as the foot swells
Flared heel for increased stability
Healthy Footwear Guide approved shoe
Features a “shoe stiffener” and hard wearing sole making this shoe more supportive than a slipper
Machine washable removable insock
Perforated removeable sock that is breathable, antibacterial and antifungal
Removable insoles to allow for increased depth or the insertion of orthotics
Round shape toe
This style has no seams in the toe box making for an extremely comfortable wear
Solid PVC sole can be spliced
This style “stretches” to fit the shape of your foot
Touch fastening straps allow for easy access and adjustability
Textile lining

Colour: Navy stretch
Width: 6v
Sizes: 7 to 12