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Are a lightweight traction device that allow you to walk confidently on packed snow and ice. They are spikeless and easy to use. They are easy On/Off attachment and removal
The stretchy polyelastomer material fits most sizes.  The coils grip to packed snow and ice, when not in use they can be folded away for storage. Handy to keep in the pocket, handbag or glove compartment.

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Out of the packet

Applied to shoes
Shoes shown are not included.

Caution- Please Note
While this is designed to provide greater traction on ice or packed snow, always exercise caution and care when walking in such conditions.
They will not eliminate the inherent risks of such conditions. Also, they will not eliminate the inherent risks and dangers posed by the performance of this activity in such conditions.
When wearing them, always exercise caution and extreme care, failure to do so could result in injury.
This is not for use on gravel, concrete or sanded roads cleared of snow.
Avoid marble floors, or non-icy, non-snowy surfaces and indoor use. Improper use could result in injury.
Always use common sense when using a traction device on ice or snow.